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security camera and surveillance

Since 2009 Catch It On Camera has installed hundreds of high quality, reliable Security Camera surveillance systems in Winnipeg, throughout Manitoba and as far away as Central America. We have shipped our CCTV Security Camera products all over North America, and as far away as Saudi Arabia. Let us find a solution to fit your needs and budget.

We work with you for the best solution

Customizing your security camera system to meet your needs is our first priority. Whether it’s custom cameras, high or low resolution or professional installation, we fit your needs and budget. Cabled or wireless, we will find the best security camera solution for your situation.

Tools for online monitoring

All of our security camera systems are 100% online ready, and we have applications for most major platforms. PCs, smartphones or tablets, wherever you go in the world your property and peace of mind is only a click away.

We’re pulling for you – not just making sales.

The highest quality at amazing prices,

customized for your application:

At Catch It On Camera we not only aim to satisfy you, but satisfy ourselves. Price, performance and quality all work together to bring you the best value for your needs. A cheap CCTV security camera system is of no use if it doesn’t provide the performance you require, a poorly installed security camera system is sure to fail when you need it most, and you shouldn’t need a bank loan for your security peace of mind. Let us customize a security camera solution to meet both your budget and requirements, that will withstand our demanding Winnipeg weather.

EXPERIENCE- Thousands of cameras installed – residential, business and institutional.
CUSTOMIZATION- We don’t just sell out of the box solutions – we customize!
DEPENDABILTY- There’s no point in having security cameras if you can’t
rely on them. We provide in-house warranty, and now an unprecedented
full 2 year parts warranty on all products.