Catch It On Camera Winnipeg

Catch It On Camera Winnipeg specializes in sales, installation and service of Security Camera systems in Winnipeg and is a division of Love Information Technologies Corporation. The division is operated and directed by the president, Dean Love.

We eat, live and breathe the technology we work with. Because we obsess over our security camera products you don’t have to.  Catch It On Camera Winnipeg extensively tests all of our security camera products before making them available for sale so can ensure the highest level of reliability and quality.

Unlike many companies who simply resell security camera products and offer little or no direct support, Catch It On Camera Winnipeg is intimately familiar with all of our products and provides all support and repairs in-house. 100% of warranty work is done by us directly and as a result we will never tell you to call a manufacturer or to send your equipment off for repair. Our goal is to provide our clients with 99.9% up-time on their security camera systems.

Catch It On Camera Winnipeg has successfully installed hundreds of systems and thousands of cameras in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. Our systems help homeowners and businesses fight graffiti, vandalism and theft and deter crime before it happens. All of our systems can be remotely monitored on your smartphone or tablet, so you will always have an eye on your property or business, no matter where in the world you are.

We strive to not only satisfy our clients, but also satisfy ourselves.

Please use our contact page to submit questions, comments, or complaints because your input is valued.

catch it on camera winnipeg objectives

identify client needs

Free onsite consultation to identify client security camera needs and site parameters.

strategic action plan

Develop the best options to suit the clients needs and budget.

professional design

Present client with quotation and system options.


Supply and install the designed system, including connection to internet for remote monitoring capabilities.

our process